ASMPT Net Zero 2035

As an innovation and market leader in the electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industry, we have the unique opportunity to take on a pioneering role in the area of ESG and to initiate positive change together with customers, partners, associations, and employees. The term ESG is on everyone’s lips these days, but what does it actually mean? We need ESG criteria to implement and evaluate sustainability in the areas of the Environment, Social affairs and Governance.

Although ESG is a highly complex topic, the ASMPT Group has already made good progress in the fields of social affairs and governance. Today, however, we see an even greater urgent need to become more involved in the environmental field. With a focus on making an active contribution to the Paris climate targets, we have set ourselves the goal of “ASMPT Net Zero 2035” for direct emissions from our own sources (scope 1) and for indirect emissions, especially from purchased energy (scope 2). We know that reaching this goal involves a long and exciting journey that we can only master in cooperation with all our stakeholders.

Our corporate ESG strategy is based on the ASMPT Group Strategy. Amongst others, we are committed to being recognized as a sustainable premium brand, and the pursuit of net zero has therefore long been a top priority at ASMPT. We firmly believe that we must play a leading role in the fight against climate change – both as a company and as individuals. In order to achieve a CO2-free footprint as quickly as possible, we decided some time ago to switch to solar and wind power and to save energy in all parts of the company, where possible.
Guenter Lauber, EVP & Chief Strategy and Digitalization Officer, ASMPT

ESG is an Integral Part of our Corporate Strategy

ESG significantly influences ASMPT’s culture, human resources policies, business strategies and workflows. Business success and social responsibility have long been inseparably linked in our company. Moreover, as the world’s leading provider of comprehensive solutions for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, we are committed to actively advancing ESG.

After all, we owe our success not only to technical innovations and profits but also to our commitment to creating a positive and sustainable future for all our stakeholders. We summarize this under the motto “Shaping a bright and sustainable future for customers, employees, investors, partners, and society”, which instructs us to pursue a detailed agenda – for the entire Group, all business units and regions, and for the goals of each individual employee at ASMPT.

Learn more about sustainability at ASMPT
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Our Net Zero Transition Plan

These five categories underpin our Net Zero Transition Plan:

Energy Demand Reduction: Implement energy saving measures across all facilities
  • Established targets and initiatives for each site, provide clear cadence to drive progress
  • Initiatives include facilities management & production process efficiency improvements
  • Johor (Malaysia) & Huizhou (China) new buildings are green building certified for optimal energy use
  • Energy demand reduction initiatives include: Compressed air bypass line optimisation in China plant; Information and energy monitoring system implementation in Singapore, etc.

ASMPT Materiality Mix with an Environmental Focus

ASMPT has assessed and prioritised potential ESG issues that could impact ASMPT's business and/or are material to stakeholders.

The resulting ASMPT Materiality Mix represents our combination of ESG issues that we consider material.

Our ESG strategy considers the issues that are most important to us and that are aligned with ASMPT's business targets and the expectations of all our stakeholders.

This is important for effectively allocating resources, setting targets and disclosing ESG-related information to stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees and regulators.

Net Zero Project Team

In order to implement our ESG and thus also our Net Zero goals in a focused and corporate-wide step by step process, we have formed a global team that is responsible for the implementation of our ambitious Net Zero goals across all segments and departments.



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Ensures compliance with ESG policies, issues and implementation in line with corporate and growth objectives.


Executive Board (EXCO)

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Definition of the strategic direction for the group-wide Net Zero/ESG strategy and enabling the necessary framework conditions, in line with the long-term business and organizational goals.


ESG Coalition

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Group-wide, cross-segment ASMPT Ambassador team that supports the ESG team in coordinating and monitoring the implementation and reporting of the group’s ESG policies, processes and initiatives.


ESG Team

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Provides guidance on the ASMPT ESG strategy and compliance, ESG risks and opportunities, ESG management performance, as well as recommendations and follow-up. It reviews and monitors ESG policies and implementation and helps identify areas of development in ESG.


ASMPT ESG / Net Zero Ambassadors

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Reducing the carbon footprint affects us all, it is a joint effort. To raise awareness and initiate joint projects, ASMPT has ESG/Net Zero Ambassadors worldwide. They actively promote the topic of environmental protection and energy saving. One good example: the ASMPT China Intelligent Manufacturing Centre team with its environmental protection and energy saving ambassador programme. Here, Net Zero ambassadors from various departments were trained on topics such as "carbon emissions and climate change", "environmental protection and energy saving" and "carbon verification". In cooperation with the ASMPT ESG Coalition, they initiate new projects and share their knowledge with the entire ASMPT team.


The entire ASMPT Team

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The entire ASMPT team is committed to achieving the Net Zero 2035 goals worldwide. Our POWER values are the guiding principle for this.

Industry Collaboration – Semiconductor Climate Consortium

We are certain: the path to Net Zero is a collaborative undertaking. In a combined effort, the entire electronics industry must contribute its share to meeting the global climate targets. Together we are strong and can have an impact. That is why we are a “Leadership Level” Founding Member of the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC). The SCC develops joint strategies and processes to continuously improve and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in member company operations and throughout the semiconductor value chain, supporting the Paris Agreement and related accords driving the 1.5°C pathway. Through the collaboration of member companies, the SCC can address and solve issues no one company can do alone.

As leader of the SCC Scope 2 Emissions Working Group focused on low-carbon energy adoption throughout the semiconductor value chain, we are helping to develop a shared roadmap to enable low-carbon energy systems and help the value chain access and adopt these systems, to achieve net zero Scope 2 by 2050 or sooner. This is a critical component of ASMPT’s Scope 3 emissions reduction strategy, by working to increase our suppliers’ and customers’ usage of low-carbon energy.

The initial 5 priorities of the SCC Scope 2 Emissions Working Group are:
1. Access to low-carbon energy
2. Decarbonizing energy sources
3. Best practices in Scope 2 reduction
4. Explore new energy
5. Computation, accounting & reporting

ASMPT is 100 percent committed to the SCC’s mission to fight climate change and reduce harmful emissions, through the combined resources and knowledge of its members. As leader of the SCC Scope 2 Emissions Working Group focused on low-carbon energy adoption throughout the semiconductor value chain, ASMPT has been chairing bi-weekly meetings to define the scope of work. It has been extremely rewarding helping the industry come together and drive tangible large-scale change.
Richard Ooi, Global Head of ESG, ASMPT

SEMI’s SCC team

Presenting at Scope 2 Emissions WG meeting

SCC Scope 2 WG co-leader Nicolas Leterrier

Schneider Electric members of SCC

Presenting at SCC General Meeting

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