Whistleblowing Policy

The ASMPT Whistleblowing Policy is established for employees and those who deal with ASMPT to voice and report their concerns, in confidence and anonymity, to ASMPT’s Board and Audit Committee about any violations (whether actual or suspected) relating to ASMPT business conduct regarding fraud, bribery, corruption, financial irregularity or conduct otherwise in violation of this Code committed by employees or others.

ASMPT is committed to promoting high probity standards and ethical business practices, and encouraging the reporting of concerns and actual or suspected misconduct or malpractice by any employee and/or external parties in any matter related to ASMPT

All reports received shall be handled in a reasonably timely fashion and with a high degree of confidentiality, and if there is reasonable suspicion of a criminal offence having been committed, a report shall be made to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

ASMPT pledges to protect employees against retaliation and adverse employment actions for whistleblowing concerns expressed in good faith.

If any employee and/or external party has committed any violations (whether actual or suspected) of the requirements specified in the ASMPT Code of Business Conduct, they should be reported via the whistleblowing channels of the region from which the report is made.

This Whistleblowing Policy is reviewed periodically to improve its effectiveness and employee confidence in the whistleblowing process, and to encourage a “Speak Up!” culture across ASMPT.

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