Group Internal Audit Department

The Group Internal Audit Department assists the company to accomplish its objectives by formulating a disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management, internal control and governance processes and the integrity of ASMPT’s operations.

The Group Internal Audit Manager, in the discharge of her duties, shall be accountable to the Audit Committee to:

  • Submit an assessment on the adequacy and effectiveness of the ASMPT’s processes for controlling its activities and managing its risks in all areas of ASMPT’s operations on an annual basis.
  • Report significant issues relating to the processes controlling the activities of ASMPT, together with the recommendations for improvements to those processes.
  • Provide information periodically on the status and results of the annual audit plan and the sufficiency of department resources.
  • Coordinate and work with other control and monitoring functions (like risk management, compliance, security, legal, ethics, environment and external audit).

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